A happy new year to you!
We should be grateful; we are alive, we are healthy and we are loved. Give thanks.Despite the challenges we already find ourselves in this 2008, let's stay optimistic and embrace change, It is here.
In 2008:CHANGE.
And so the reality of this world hits home for me. I know for sure that I'm not the only Kenyan or anyone with ties to Kenya feeling disoriented since and before December 27th, 2007. It has been hard to focus with news about violence in Kenya flying around everywhere. It is out there and it is ugly.
Unpredictability and division continues to rock the once peaceful and prosperous Kenya. More lives are being lost as I type away. As we speak there are over 250,000 displaced and and estimated 100,000 could die of starvation including those dying of terrible wounds and police torture, I am jolted out of my apathy to engage in all efforts to direct REAL aid to all victims.
I'm encouraged by a quick response by many Kenyans and Africans here in the US. There are many mass prayer gatherings as well as other events aimed at providing information to make donations to already established groups as well as direct relief to all those groups on the grounds. I'd like to get the word out that we must all come together to save broken lives.
This crisis affects our immediate futures as well as those yet to be born. My plans to get involved in the humanitarian efforts are included in my response to interview questions for Buzz magazine this past week.

Please review my two cents on this endeavor to find healing and peace in Kenya, Africa and this world in general and let me know if there's any way we can collaborate in getting the word out there for current and future efforts. Pray for peace for Kenya and for this world, urgently. May you be fulfilled this year despite the challenges ahead.
God Bless!
-- Peace & Blessings!
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  1. Hi Sister! I think there is no need of mass prayers in USA or anywhere for Kenyans. God is busy with serious issues in Darfur and other plcaes like middle East and Indonesia. The Kenyan issue is self created and one of Africa's unnecessary conflicts in history. It shouldnt have happenned in the first place. What you need is to go home and work out modalities on out to get out of that mess.

    Praying is wasting your time!

  2. My sister, just collecting donations etc will not suffice in the long run and will just turn your countrymen into aid-addicts. The only way out of this one is to cleanse your top presidency and the ECK, put the right victors in place and ensure mechanisms that they are also revomable if they lose the next elections. Quit wishing for peace that will just continue to legitimizing "fisadism".

    Your Tanzanians brethren are watching and learning with interest. Their turn is comes up next in 2010.

  3. mhhh okay

  4. wewe binti unakuja lini tena minnesota,ukija nitafute nilikupenda sana ingawaje unaonekana mapepe

  5. Prayer and a call for peace is definitely important for those of us who believe that God does listen to prayers as is informing those who are complacent to human suffering. She's right, what goes on anywhere; in Kenya, in Darfur or Middle East matters to us all. We will pray for Kenya. Thank you for your strong words of inspiration.

  6. bibi,sala za nini sasa?we bibi unaishi kwa furaha huko marekani sasa yanini unajisumbua na matokeo huko kenya? hebu bibi nyie wakimbizi mliotoroka Afrika ya Mashariki kaeni na raha na tuachie sie wananchi tulioko huku tuhangaike na maslahi yetu hapo!!

  7. I beg to differ with annon Jan 22 6:49. It is true that God listens to every prayer, but not also, not necessarily respond to it! You can not conspire to kill, then proceed with an act, soon after it you turn back to God for mercy!Impossible! That is where many people confuse the meaning of God!
    The issues of Kenya is very similar to my example. There is nothing God can do fo these people, except themselaves!

    It is strange for an apposition leader to urge its followers to demostrate amid massive killing from Government troops! Why, in the first place, leaders of opposition don't they go in the frontline during demos to face live bullets by themselves??! It is stupid! There are many ways of showing discontents for anything. Not by instigationg POLICE to kill your own people!. And, of course, the killings by POLICE is also Insane!

    By these, I say God will never be present in Kenya at this momment. he is busy somewhere withs erious issues. Let it be a strong maessage to similar people with the same views running after God once things fall apart by their own creation!


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