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john mashaka on foreign investors and investments

John Mashaka
Foreign investment is the modern propeller of sustainable economic growth; it creates new enterprises, expands a country’s foreign markets access, boost research, and development of local know how. Foreign investors and multination’s are often welcomed to create jobs, increase government revenue through corporate, and payroll taxes. Foreign investors provide a host country with an opportunity to develop its natural and human resources. They are supposed to improve living conditions of the people in the host country. These are the benefits we expected of foreign investors and multinationals, not the breeding of chaos, perpetuation of cycle of bitterness, misery, economic injustice, and hopelessness upon the people.

For a while now, foreign investors in Tanzania have been accused of arrogance, and gross human rights abuses. They are being associated with slavery, and indenture servitude of their local employees, they are exposing thousands to radiation through high powered body scanning ex-ray machines in the mines. Some of these companies have left scores dead without a single person in their chain of command being held accountable. River Tigite in Nyamongo for example, is polluted with toxic chemicals/metals, that has killed livestock, and left many lives permanently ruined and neither the government nor the investor has taken responsibility for the lives lost. Commissions formed have been good as nothing, as their reports are shelved.

Our natural resources are being depleted at an alarming rate. Foreign investors, and multinationals are stripping bare our land. These companies hardly pay royalties, and taxes, neither do they develop through corporate responsibilities the areas in which they operate. They are on a looting spree, operating with impunity. They are bringing into the country thousands of foreign employees, including truck and folk lift drivers, yet Tanzania’s unemployment stands at 26%. These people are paying themselves, tens of thousands of dollars a month with money from our land, while the natives are dying of hunger and bullets. Acts that are breeding deep hatred, resentment, and animosity instead of prosperity.

A very influential law maker in the East African Legislative Assembly narrated to me a very disturbing incident he encountered in Zanzibar. He was denied both entry and accommodation at an Italian owned hotel because he was black, and his position meant nothing to the powerful, and well connected Italian investor. The legislator reported the matter to the authorities, but nothing was done about it. It was quite clear that, Blacks were not allowed in this exclusive, white only hotel. The MP wondered why Tanzanians are making so much noise about Ugandans, Kenyans, and even Rwandese taking their land, yet Italians, Arabs, Chinese, and even Somalis purchasing millions of acres at will. Who should they fear the most, East Africans or the influx of far-easterners?

While in Tanzania, last month, I came across two, very bizarre, encounters. Travelling from Mwanza to Tarime, in the middle of nowhere, roughly one hundred and twenty miles from Mwanza, a frail looking South African backpacker, who had been in the country for more than thirteen months, stood in the middle of the road flagging me for a ride. Knowing this man was not a native, I stopped to help, just to meet a shocker of my life. The man had no money, and was moving from town to town through begging. The mystery deepens when the man got irate with my probing questions, trying to figure out how he got in Tanzania, his mission, survival and so forth. Out of the tens of questions I posed, his answer was simple; God was providing everything in his spiritual journey, and highly believed he was going to reach his final destination (Zanzibar) through grace of God.

This strange man, however, had a plan, and knew his way, including a special gate in Serengeti where he would cross  free of charge on his way  from Musoma to Singida, Dodoma, Dar, and finally to Zanzibar.  As citizens of Tanzania, we could not cross into Serengeti without paying the minimum fee. Even after crossing into Serengeti back in 2007; we were denied entry into a lodge because the wardens believed we could have been a danger to “Wageni”.  Worst of all, they forced us to leave their premises at 7pm, and drive back almost 100 kilometers, else they would not guarantee our safety, and this was after we produced all the documentation to show we were there as domestic tourists. We slept in the car, in which were periodically visited by some of the deadliest animals you can think of. I realized how useless a Tanzanian’s life is, in front of a foreigner!

Two weeks after meeting this strange man, at one of the entry points, I met a middle aged Chinese lady, who could barely speak English or Swahili, with a green, United Republic of Tanzania passport as her form of identity. I was shocked but not surprised because this was in Tanzania. I was not shocked because she was Chinese, but how she obtained the passport considering most Tanzania passport holders, speaks Swahili and some English. I cannot answer the question on how she obtained the passport, but can confidently say that she did not steal it. She obtained it through some of our trusted custodians of our safety and security. Logical mind would pose a question, how dangerous could this be to our economic and national security?

There is serious security and economic implications for foreigners to drive around the country, with hundreds of millions in the trunk of their Range-Rovers; Aggressively purchasing land, and other properties at prices far above their market value.  Yes, a Somali man outbid me in Bunju in 2009, unjustifiably offering 120million in cash for a piece of land which, in fair market price could not fetch more than 45million, and this brings me into making an assumption that, foreign investors in the country are not the problem. The problem is ourselves; we Tanzanians. 

We are the problem because we don’t have patriots. Our broken system is the problem, greed is our problem. We are signing bogus contracts; we are issuing residence, and work permits to people who don’t deserve them for the sake of MONEY. Our leaders are selling our birth rights of land, and passports to foreigners leaving its poor citizens in the cold as second class citizens.

Our leaders must STOP selling our country, an act that is charging peace abiding citizens against investors and foreigners. They are selling their own children’s and grandchildren’s future. Our leaders must know that, sentiment on the street regarding foreigners looting and taking advantage of the country is not flattering, it is scary. They must listen to the voices of the youth craving for jobs; young people whose jobs in hotels, supermarkets, pharmacies, daycares, and even those of driving folk lift in mines are all taken by foreigners. They must know that, they are breeding insecurity as Young men in Kariakoo and elsewhere running out of options due to their inability to compete with the well financed foreign hawkers. Our leaders are creating a time bomb they won’t diffuse when natural reaction to hopelessness takes its course. 

Of course, they must welcome investors, but with caution.

Mungu Ibariki Tanzania

Kuna Maoni 49 mpaka sasa.

  1. Anonymous Anasema:

    Jibu lako kaka Mashaka ni kuwa bongo ni kichwa cha mwendawazimu, period.
    Hakuna nchi wala kiongozi, wote ni selfish,wanajilimbikizia mapesa kwa vizazi vyao bila kujali wananchi wanowaongoza.

  2. Anonymous Anasema:

    Ukichunguza hao wawekezaji wana-share na viongozi wa nchi,kwa hiyo viongozi wanajua kinachoendelea, na wao ndio wanalinda maslahi yao kwa kuwadidimiza ndugu zao.
    Hawa wageni wasingeweza kupindisha sheria za uwekezaji kama si kulindwa na wenyeji.
    Sasa hivi ukiingia mare-kani kama mwanafunzi hupewi namba kama zamani,kwa sababu hawataki ufanye kazi, soma rudi kwenu,kazi ni kwa ajili ya watu wao,hivi sasa wachina wamejaa bongo, esp. kkoo, wakifanya kazi za kuchuuza,je nani amewapa vibali vya kuishi na kufanya kazi duni?kazi ambazo wazawa walikuwa wakifanya kujipatia rizki.
    Wengi wa viongozi wetu wamesomeshwa na serikali ambayo leo wanaidhulumu na kujinufaisha wao na familia zao tu,wanashindwa hata kupay back to their community.

  3. Anonymous Anasema:

    yani hakuna bomu baya linalotengenezwa na viongozi wetu kama hili la kuwapa wageni sijui ardhi ya kulimia, jamani jamni hili litatucost sana, haya maneno uzuri wake hayafutiki, wajukuu zetu watakuja kuyasoma, viongozi wetu mnatutengenezea bomu, eti wabangaladesh wanakuja kupewa ardhi walime mpunga eka karibia 4000, wamarekani eka 8000, sijui kigamboni, sijui mtwara, ni hii bado hiyo communit ya afrika mashariki bado, watakuja watu hapa, ardhi ndiyo A ndiyo Z ya migogoro ya kivita,mimi sasa sina huwezo wa kujenga hivi nikiwa na huwezo wa kujenga unafikiri nitakubari sijui mzungu sijui mkenya anamiliki ardhi maelfu ya eka na mimi hata vi futi vya kutosheleza nyumba sina, mnakotupeleka siko, kwani sisi tuna shida ya chakula hapa mbona mazao yanayolimwa sasa na sisi wenyewe yanatosheleza kwa chakula, inakuwaje hawa wawekezaji wapewe kuwekeza kwenye kilimo, ni nini bora watakachokilima ambacho sisi hatulimi? wanakuja kulima kwa ajili yao wenyewe, na tutakapoitaji ardhi zetu tutachukua kwa vyovyote, ukoloni mambo leo mnaurejesha huo.

  4. Noel Anasema:

    Excellenty article John, I do appreciate for your pationate about our country. This is a big cry for all Tanzanians that our political leaders are GREED more than enough, the consequenses is for the next generation. We are just more than sleeping giant, this must be stopped. Something must be done!

    Noel Kaombwe
    United Kingdom

  5. Anonymous Anasema:

    Bwana Mashaka, I must admit, this piece of yours touches the very core of 'make up' as Tanzanians. It is not nature - it is nurture. Majuzi nilikuwa namstaafu mmoja akawa anacheka sasa sana kuhusu concept ya 'kujivua gamba'. Lakini akaniambia nijambo zuri, ilatu, tujivue kabisa siyo nusus nusu. tujivue Azimio la Arusha, tujivue uhuru - maana baada ya miaka 50 bado tunatawaliwa kisakolojia - we are not free - tunajidanganya.
    Siku zote tumeambiwa sisi ni waafrika - kumbe siyo - waafrika wenzetu ndiyo threat kwetu as you observed - kumbe tunawachukia waafrika wenzetu na kukumbatia 'wakoloni wetu'. Tukaambiwa sisi niwatanzania - leo tunabaguana eti yule ni muhiddin na yule ni charles. kwenye maofisi ukabila kimya kimya - angalia tu majina ya wafanyakazi wa taasisi mbili - TRA na BOT.
    Namshukuru sana Mzee Mwinyi kwa kutufungulia dunia ili tuone wenzetu wanafanya nini(vyombo huria vya habari)na tujiweke vipi kuipeleka Tanzania duniani. Namshukuru Mkapa kwa sera yake ya utandawazi iliyotufungua macho zaidi na kutufanya tujue sisi siyo ka-kijiji bali ni sehemu ya familia kubwa kubwa inayoitwa dunia. Laikini wote nao bado walikuwa na tongotongo zilizobakia kutokana na kuuenzi ujamaa - kwangu mimi ulikuwa ujima tu!
    Hatuna enterpreneurship skills -Dogo akifungua saluni ya nywele ya kisasa na Bone naye anafungua zake tano. Kwa mtaji huo huoangeweza kuanzisha ka-kiwanda ka kutengeneza mishumaa - na kwa mgao uliopo mbona angekuwa anasaidia watoto yatima kila mwezi!
    Nchi yetu inahitaji elimu ya ujasiria mali - kwamba wekeza leo, utaanza kula matunda baada ya miaka labda miwili ya 'hardwork' - lakini ukitoka hapo mwanangu unaweza kupeta hadi wanao wote wamalize shule wakati wewe kila mwaka unachukua likizo kwenda na mkeo mkapumzike Mauitius,Zanzibar, Mombasa, - Mkaangalie wanyama serengeti,selous, Masai Mara. Mtembelee sehemu za kihistoria kama Olduvai Gorge, Timboktou, Giza (the pyramids). Am I dreaming? NO! Inawezekana!

  6. Anonymous Anasema:

    Well said John...I was at Movenpick hotel some time I was straight from work waiting for traffic to cool down before heading home I was allowed to go into the hotel but a lady behind me was stopped asked whey was she going to the hotel i stood puzzled for few minutes how was i different from this lady she was as black as me why didn't she have the right to enter the hotel while i did and some mzungu ladies with slippers on the feet were entering the hotel without anyone asking???!!!

    Three years ago I was working in Geita Gold Mine its one of the racist places in the Tanzania alot of white foreigners are given privilege just simply because they are expats very high salary,free accommodation,housing and school fees baring in mind alone a lot of them are white south african with no education,i once witnessed a lady being sucked from her job simply because she was accused of being rude to white mine workers wife!!

    A very famous indian business man in Tanzania has a company in Dar with more than 50% indians with no work permits he is opening another company in kigamboni soon!!The immigration department in Tanzania sucks with corruption anyone can get a work permit as long as you just pay the so called facilitation many people working in tanzania with no permits

    Its us that have to initiate the CHange wake up Tanzania its time we have to change and save our country

  7. Anonymous Anasema:

    Excellent article John, may god bless this country kwa sababu tunako elekea ni kubaya sana (its making me worried)..!

  8. Anonymous Anasema:

    Asante sana kaka hii nchi haina viongozi kabisa. Kama Waziri mkuu mwenyewe anaweza kutamka kwamba nchi ni kubwa sana hakuna haja ya watu kuwa na wasiwasi na wageni kupewa ardhi, kama yeye ni waziri mkuu na anakuwa na mawazo hayo unategemea nini kutoka kwa anaowaongoza? Kama Raisi na waziri mkuu wanadiriki kusema hawajui kwa nini hii nchi ni masikini wewe unategemea hao wengine si ndio kabisa. Tazizo la umeme wanasingizia ni mvua, kwani hilo tatizo limeanza leo? Hizo program zao za miaka mitano, kumi n.k huwa wanapanga nini? Nini maana ya sensa, hawajui kwamba idadi ya watu huwa inaongezeka na mahitaji ya huduma mbalimbali zinatakiwa kuongezeka? Inaudhi sana.

  9. Anonymous Anasema:

    Mr. mashaka, this is a very good article. I wonder whether the leaders are reading these articles. It is sad, especially in nyamongo. Good job mr. john mashaka. Hatutaweza kukubali wakenya, makaburu kulipwa na hela kutoka kwenye migodi yetu wakati vijana wetu wanaomaliza chuo hawapati h ajira
    Mkenya, kmaburu, mkanada anayefanya kazi kwenye migodi amechagia nini? CCM wajipange upya

  10. Anonymous Anasema:

    Mashaka thank you for opening up my mind .but you know what!i have always been suspicious of CHINESE presence in AFRICA, i surely knew there is something fishy going on concerning their business in this continent,CHINA has been portraying itself as a good friend to US.NOW the quetsion comes here,HOW can WE GET rid of THESE TWO SCAMBAGS? i mean AMERICA and his niece CHINA?the problem lies with our GREEDY POLITICIANS!i know for sure that they get something handsome from these TWO WORLD's TITANS,so they just don care if what they earn will have to cost the LIVES of their fellow AFRICANS.AND THESE MORONIC POLITICIANS cannot STOP to SING_PRAISE THEM as our good friends to be proud of,you know AFRICAN LEADERS ARE TOO STUPID and kind of MORONS i have never seen before,rather than those ILLITERATE LEADERS of those COLONIAL ERA in AFRICA!MASAMBAA if what you say about CHINA's real motives for its presence in SUDAN and other PARTS OF AFRICA is true,then WE ARE in real BIG TROUBLE AFRICAN,because most of US AFRICANS believe that our BIG ENEMY is AMERICA and the WEST,and SINCE "we cannot see the forest for the trees" now it's real big problem!given that everytime i cast my eyes into the newspapers i see a famous song that,"AFRICAN CONTINENT has shifted its focus from WESTERN COUNTRIES and the US to CHINA,that there is very strong tie between these two sides,notably CHINA and AFRICA which based on ECONOMIC RELATIONS",and i keep believing that,WOW!now we have got a true FRIEND who is eager to help US through our ECONOMIC WORRIES and i start to get nervous on our politician risk_taking behaviours,no wonder our continent is in the BIG RISK than EVER!sometimes i remember that HISTORY SUBJECT i studied when i was in SECONDARY SCHOOL,that said that our ancestors used to be bulls**tted into signing TACIT TREATS with the COLONIALISTS because of their LACK of EDUCATION and KNOWELDGE concerning the CONTENTS OF THOSE TREATS inwhich they were involved,no one could blame them for the WASTE of our GRACIOUS RESOURCES as a result of THOSE TREATS they accepted,everyone knew that THEY could NOT be able to READ those CONTRACTS otherwise THEY would REFUSE to SIGN THEM!AND TODAY,there is NO EXCUSE for that at all,we all know that we so call OUR LEADERS are WELL_EDUCATED these days and THEY have PROFOUND KNOWELEDGE,BUT to my suprise they still make the same mistakes our ancestors made in those DARK times.BUT the DIFFERENCE this time is,our ANCESTORS plunged our continent into the fire because of their ILLITERACY WHILE these NEW LEADERS CRUMBLE our CONTINENT into the ENDLESS POVERTY AND ENDLESS WARS because of their GREEDINESS!MY GODINESS

  11. Anonymous Anasema:

    The issue is:
    Wazungu hawa are "unemplyed " in West and they come here with NGO'S with a pittance salary to do some funnyt research on African habits..sexual gender issues...and mind you some of the themes are very funny and encroaching as well!
    I know someone who is doing a paper on: AFRICAN SEXUAL HABITS WITH MULTIPLE PARTNERS..Whatever that means but than they present the thesis to a universit..
    In this way they are gainfully "employed"
    Tanzanians are gullible people.
    Recenltly I went to LINDI and I found Wazungus were photographing young girls scantily dressed...what ever for?I may ask..
    The Chinese are here for "PROFIT and EXPLOITATION" Utandawazi! what else?

    Have u noticed the PAKISTANIS? who are mainly CAR DEALERS and dottted showroonms all over DAR even in residential areas..
    Terrorism is part of PAKISTANI culture and what are we doing?
    The UHAMIAJI is corrupt and odwn right inefficient and to allow such people in Tnaznaia is like inviting bloodshed on your doorstep..
    WAKE UP NOW!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous Anasema:

    Matatizo yote yanatokeya wakati waziri peke yake ana mamlaka ya kutowa leseni za kuchimba madini. Leo watanzania wanoishi kwenye maeneo ya madini wamezidi kuwa maskini toka wanyanganywe machimbo yao na kupewa waekezaji. halafu hawo wawekezaji pia hawalipi kodo mafuta na vitu vyote wanavyoiingiza tanzania, Huu nu uharamiya wa kuibiya nchi mamilioni ya pesa. Wakristo na waislamu waungani kurekebisha kanuni za madini. Na kuna mashirika ya madini walikuwa wanatakiwa kulipa asilimiya 1 ya mapato kusaidiya sehemu za madini. Mpaka leo hawajalipa. Watu wanauwawa serikali haichukuwi hatuwa. Je itabdi tupeleke kesi zetu ulaya kwenye mahakama ya ICC na mahakama za London kudai fidiya za watu wote waliouwawa toka mwaka1986 pale Bunyahulu Niko tayari kusaidiya ndugu zangu watanzania kuwashtaki mashirika ya madini kwa fidiya katika mahakama ya uingereza. E mail yangu ni hii nina marafiki wengi wana sheriya wataweza kuchukuwa hizo kesi. Inasikitisha kuona kuwa masikini watanzania haki zao zina kanyagwa na hawo waliowachaguwa na ni watanzania kama wao. Walipo wekeza kwenye madini ni karibu miaka 24, wamesharusdisha gharama na faida. sasa hivi bei ya dhahbu ni dollar 1560 kwa ounce moja na serikali inapew dola 45 je hi ni haki? Kuna watu waliuza nchi siku nyingi na wao na vizazi wao ndiyo wananufaika. kama serikali haitaki kusikiliza basi waislamu na wakristo waungane kufanya maandamano makubwa nchini ili kupiganiya haki za watanzania. mashiriki ya mmadini walipe kodi asilimiya 30 itasaidiya kujenga malilniki kila wilaya na kata zote tanzania na piya watoto kupata elimu za bure za msingi. Hilo lina wezekana kama rasli mali hizo zitatumiwa ki haki

  13. Anonymous Anasema:


  14. Anonymous Anasema:


    Huu sio wakati wa kuombana haki, ni wakati wa kudai haki. Ningewaona wenye busara kama muda huo mlioutumia kuiomba serikali mngeutumia kumuomba Mungu. Mazoea yenu ya kuomba yamepelekea kufikiri hata hawa mashetani ukiwaomba watakupa. Acheni kupoteza muda, KAMUOMBENI MUNGU Inshaallah jibu litapatikana ila hapa kwa mashetani wanaoongoza nchi yetu, sio mahali pake. Badala ya kuiomba tuiamuru kwa kura 2015
    Mauji ya Nyamongo ni ukiukwaji wa haki ya kuishi. Kumekua na mtukio mengi sisi wananchi tumekuwa tukingoja mwongozo wenu lakini hatukuona, mfano utupwa wa vichanga katika Hospital ya Mwananyamala umepita hivihivi bila hata ya mtu kuwajibishwa! Mungu atusamehe Watanzania! Kuhusu hili la madini tunaomba sasa umoja wa dini uitishe siku mmoja ya sala nchi nzima ambayo tutaomba Mungu aigeuze mioyo ya mafisadi ili imgeukie na kughairi uovu, ubinfsi, wizi, ushirikina, ufisadi wa aina zote. Pia tuishinikize serikali ibadilishe mikataba ya kifisadi

  15. Anonymous Anasema:

    Umasikini wetu ni wakujitakia tu, hakuna lolote. Siku tutapopata Chama mbadala chenye Kiongozi mwenye maono na kuepukana na dudu lililodumaa na kuutawala kwa miaka 47 I am sure haitatuchukua miaka 5 kutoka katika huo umasikini. Siku Somalia, Afghanistan, E.Timor, DR Congo na Burundi wakimaliza kupigana wao kwa wao watatuacha katika hiyo orodha. Rwanda na Uganda wako wapi? Hawapo kweny hiyo orodha ya kichefuchefu na ni juzi tu walikuwa wanapigana wao kwa wao (Rwanda) na shughuli za Kimaendeleo zilisimama. Uganda bado wanamalizia mtifuano na LRA na hawamo katika kichefuchefu hicho wakimalizana tu na LRA nadhani watakuwa bora mara 10 kuliko sisi!

  16. Anonymous Anasema:

    1. Maskini Tanzania!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kweli tumebanwa pabaya.Watanzania wote tumefanywa mabubu,viziwi na vipofu hata kama tunaona,tunaongea na tunasikia. Kinachohitajika ni mapinduzi tena mapinduzi ya kweli si ya kitoto.Mapinduzi hayo ni katika nyanja zote yaani uchumi, siasa,utamaduni n.k bila ya hivyo mtutu utarindima hivi karibuni, dalili zote zinaonekana au nyie viongozi wetu hamzioni? Tafadhalini msiwaamshe waliolala, ukoeni uchumi wa Tanzania ama sivyo hamtaweza kutumia vijisenti vyenu mnavyojilimbikizia.

  17. Anonymous Anasema:

    Wakuu naomba nisaidieni juu ya aina ya vibali vinavyotakiwa kutolewa kwa hawa wanaokuja nchini kama watalii,exchange programe kwenye masecondary na wanaokuja kufanya kazi ya umachinga kama wachina wa Kariakoo na maua yao.

    Naulizia hili suala kwa kuwa kadiri siku zinavyozidi kuendelea wazungu wamezidi kuja huku wamejaa mtaani kila eneo hata uswahili wamejaa tele tena na wao wamepangaa kabisa nyumba na wanaishi kama wabongo.Utakutana nao kila eneo la kahawa,kumbi za starehe majikoni kumbi za starehe na hata baa.

    Kwa wale wanaojua sheria za uhamiaji naombeni msaada maake wananikera kuliko maelezo

  18. Anonymous Anasema:

    raslimali zilizotakiwa kwa ajili ya kuendeleza nchi na wananchi wake, zinatumika na mafisadi kwa matumizi yao, huku wakituletea wawekezaji waozidi kuitafuna nchi kwa kila njia wawezalo, hakuna uzalendo katika nchi hii.Tunajifunia Amani na upendo ila hii sio kweli, Upendo na Amani vilikuwepo enzi hizo za Baba wa Taifa, kwa sasa hii slogan ya upendo na Amani ni ya kulazimisha na sio kuwa inatoka ndani ya mioyo ya watanzania, kwani huo upendo ukowapi, kama kuna watu wanaona billion of money ni vijisent wakati wako wanaohishi chini ya buku? Kwa hali ya sasa mbele ya Chama Cha Mafisadi (CCM), hii itaendelea kuwa hivyo siku zote kwa sababu ya jamaa kujali mifuko yao na matumbo yao na si nchi kwa ujumla. Kikwete hupo hapo? soma habari hizi zitakusaidia katika mambo yako

  19. gamba Anasema:

    Kuna mtu marekani anaitwa LOU DOBBS. John Mashaka ni kam LOU DOBBS kwa ubaguzi wake. Mbona hapendi wageni Tanzania jamani, au nasoma vibaya?

  20. Anonymous Anasema:

    Mr. mashaka, this is a very good article. I wonder whether the leaders are reading these articles. It is sad, especially in nyamongo. Good job mr. john mashaka. Hatutaweza kukubali wakenya, makaburu kulipwa na hela kutoka kwenye migodi yetu wakati vijana wetu wanaomaliza chuo hawapati h ajira
    Mkenya, kmaburu, mkanada anayefanya kazi kwenye migodi amechagia nini? CCM wajipange upya

  21. Anonymous Anasema:

    Mashaka. Ni lazima serikali ithamanishe uhai wa wananchi . wewe unaenda kwao au walinzi wa wanyamapori wanakufukuza kwamba unaweza kuwa mwizi kwa wazungu, je na dhahabu zinazochukuliwa na wawekezaji Nchi kubakia na mashimo,kwa sababu wa - Tanzania wanaendela kufa kwenye migodi, Pia serikali haipati faida yoyote kwenye migodi hiyo,Ni miaka 50 ya Uhuru lakini migodi haija wanufaisha wananchi wa nchi hii. Vyombo vinatumika vibaya sana maana Polisi ni wa serikali yetu ,lakini wanatumia nguvu bila kutafakari.Si wakati wa kulaumiana cha msingi wananchi wa maeneo hayo kufuata kanuni na sheria za haki. Dawa ni kuwafukuza hawa wazungu tumechoka nao

  22. Anonymous Anasema:

    fedha chafu wanayotumia kuwekeza hapa kwetu lazima tuipigie kelele, tusishiriki dhambi yao maana Mungu atailaani nchi yetu kama tutaikumbatia hii dhambi. Isitoshe mhalifu ni mhalifu tu kesho atatugeukia watanzania na kuanza kutupora pale meli zitakapoimarisha ulinzi na wakashindwa kuendelea kupora. Huwezi kujua labda pia wanashiriki kwenye biashara ya madawa ya kulevya. Nyumba zinamushroom hadi najiuliza hawa watu wanaokota hizi hela? Mbona mie siziokoti? WaTanzania tuwe macho na hawa watu sio wazuri hata kidogo. Mafia ni mafia hata kama atakupa hela za kuishi

  23. Anonymous Anasema:

    John mashaka we want you to lead the fight, against these people; Rape, murder and exploitation are the ultimate degrees of healthy economic competition, raising the stock values of the corporations, therefore no decent judge could condemn any of it.Like our former PC MP Lorne Greenaway wrote in our papers back in the 80s:" The children are starving in tanzania, because their parents aren't productive enough". Theft and robbery are the best forms of "productivity" in our economic system, as they raise the

  24. Anonymous Anasema:

    Mashaka. Wanasiasa wanaendelea kuwa decision makers kwenye mambo ambayo ni too technical; mswada wa umeme uliopitishwa jana bungeni ni mkenge mwingine utakaoutuumiza mno baadae.Hatujapona majeraha ya hawa wawekezaji matapeli ktk sekta ya madini na bado serikali imependekeza Tanesco iwe na mshindani, Tanesco ambayo inalipa gharama chungu nzima kwenye makampuni ambayo hatuhitaji umeme wao.
    Tutaendelea kuwa maskini kama tunawaachia wanasiasa wafanya maamuzi ya kufurahisha mabwana zao

  25. Anonymous Anasema:

    Kuna siku nilienda club nikajisikia kupata supu nikaenda kutoa order jikoni,kwa kweli nilikereka kumwona mzungu yupo jikoni anapiga picha ovyo huku yule mmiliki wa jiko anamchekea na nilitaka kumpeleka uhamiaji usiku ule ule ili nijue vibali wanavyopewa kama vinawaruhusu na kufanya hayo wayafanyao.

    Leo katika kusikiliza kichwa cha habari nimesikia mmiliki wa shamba la mkonge amemua mfanyakazi wake wa shambani baada ya kumfumania akitembea na mke wa huyo mfanyakazi. Uhuru walionano ni kweli hata sisi tunao tukitembelea kwao?Sisi kwenda kempist Hotel na kandambili au kaptula haturuhusiwi ila hawa wazungu wanaenda kila hoteli na mavazi hayo

  26. Anonymous Anasema:

    Kapuya kishalitolea ufafanuzi bungeni, kadri mnavyoruhusu wawekezaji kuwekeza nchini ndivyo hao machinga wa kuuza bidhaa zao watakavyoongezeka. According to Kapuya, wabongo tumekuwa wakwapuaji sana hivyo hakuna njia nyingine isipokuwa kwa serikali kuwaruhusu hao machinga ili kuwanusuru wawekezaji na ukwapuaji wetu!
    Mkuu yote unayosema ni kweli. Subiri siku yatokee watu wataanza kuuliza how did it happen? Kila mtu anaona, sasa hivi Tanzania unaweza kwenda Guest house yoyote unnoticed, unaweza kufungua duka kwenye residential areas, hao unaowaita wafanya kazi kwenye NGO wanakwanyua hela nyingi sana zinazotoka kwao. Ukiangalia sehemu kubwa ya hela zinazotolewa na hao donors wanakwapua hao watu wa NGOs, na kwenda kuziinvest huko kwao.

    Tuna watanzania wengi sana wanaoweza kufanya biashara ya magari, why the hell would we allow pakistanis to do the job of which Mpenda and Mchanga can do? si ujinga huu? hapa huwezi kusema kuna ukwapuaji. Pamoja na ukweli kuwa sisi ni wadokozi, kama mchanga akijiuzia gari lake , au mpemba akijiuzia gari lake atamkwapulia nani?

    Mipaka yetu ni very porous, sasa tumeingiliwa mpaka chumbani. Na viongozi wetu wanacheka. Ona sasa RA anatamba ameshika ikulu, Nec, CC media na kutuendesha anavyopenda. Ametufanya tuanze kunyosheana vidole wenyewe yeye akiwa anapeta

  27. Anonymous Anasema:

    1. baadhi ya kazi wanazofanya hao watu sijui ndio mnaita wawekezaji au waporaji. Unajua hata kwenye nchi zao wana sheria kali za ajira. Kuna kazi za kufanywa na wao hata kama wamewekeza. Hata receptionist atoke huko. Kuna ofisi niliwahi kwenda, the reciptionist was a foreigner,hata hizi jamani. Zaid ni uzembe wa watendaji wa uhamiaji na wizara ya kazi pamoja na utumishi. Natoa mfano wa ofisi moja ambayo mtu alikuja kama tourist, normally unapata three months visa, then akafanya ujanja siwezi kuwa na uhakika kuwa ni rushwa,baadaye akapata work permit toka P O PSM (presidents Office Public service Management, after more tha 5 years ikagundilika makosa, then wakaamuru aondoke, Chini ya miezi mitatu karudi kwa kampuni nyingine, njia alizotumia sijui. sasa ingeukuwa kwao unadhani ungeruhusiwa rudi, tena Passport ingegongwa muhuri wa wewe usirudi,kwani ulivunja kanuni, hivyo kuna shida kwenye utendaji

  28. Anonymous Anasema:

    nilikuwa nasoma gazeti la Raia Mwema makala ya Johnson Mbwambo.Nilivutiwa na hoja yake kwamba serekali ya China ina sera ya kuwasambaza raia wake sehemu mbali mbali duniani hasa Afrika kwasababu hawana mahali pa kuwaifadhi.

    China inakadiriwa kuwa na idadi ya watu 1.3 bilioni kwa sasa. China ina sera ya kununua ardhi hasa katika nchi za Afrika zinazopokea msaada kutoka China,tayari imeshanyakua mamilioni eka nchini Kongo Brazaville.Sitashangaa kama wachina watakujapewa mamilioni ya eka hapa Tanzania au tumesahau mkuu wa kaya tayari kesha wamegea waarabu wakati ndugu zetu Wameru mkoani Arusha hawana ardhi ya kutosha hadi wakaamua kumtolea uvivu Mheshimiwa Kimaro.

    Mwaka jana mwishoni nilipita mitaa ya Kariako nilidhani niko Shanghai jinsi wachina walivyojazana. Aina ya biashara wanayofanya wachina ni pamoja na kuuza maua,vitambaa,vyombo vya udongo na biashara zote ndogo ndogo wanazoweza kufanya wazawa.

    Raia wa Kenya wamejaa kupita kiasi hasa katika sekta ya utalii, madereva, mahotelia katika mji wa Arusha hakuna mahali utakapowakosa. Nawashangaa idara ya uhamiaji sijui wanafanya kazi gani.Nilipata bahati ya kutembelea mbuga za wanyama mwezi uliopita yaani kila hotel utakayotia mguu imejaa wafanyakazi kutoka Kenya. Sio siri hawa jamaa wamechukuwa ajira za watanzania yaani mpaka mbeba mizigo ya wageni ni wao! Tusisahau Tanzania haijaridhia kile kipengele cha free movement of labour [EAC], hali iko hivi je siku ikafika Tanzania ikaridhia hicho kipengele hali itakuwaje?.

    Wizara ya kazi ajira na Wizara ya mambo ya ndani zinahitajika kuchukuwa hatua haraka kukabiliana na ongezeko la wageni wanaovamia ajira na fursa za watanzania

  29. Anonymous Anasema:

    inasikitisha sana kwa kweli nchi wanavyopewa watu wa nje na wazawa wanaachwa kufa njaa tu! JK kazi yake ni kusafiri tu, najua hili ni jambo dogo sana kwake yeye JK, lakini wanakijiji hao hao ndio waliompigia kura na kumpa hicho cheo, basi na awaangalie aache hiyo siasa ya kusema kuwa hana habari za migogoro kati ya wananchi na wamiliki wa migodi kwenye maeneo yote Tz yenye madini.
    Na hawa mapolisi wetu ni GESTAPO tu. Chama cha Magamba wajitayarishe

  30. Anonymous Anasema:

    Huo mgodi unafaa uvamiwe kijeshi kama kule kijijini ambapo watu walivamia kituo cha polisi na kuteketeza kila kitu ,nafikiri ilikuwa Tabora au Bukoba sina ukakika lakini kuna kituo kilivamiwa baada ya polisi kumhifadhi jamaa anaeshukiwa kubaka katoto kadogo.
    sasa hapo panafaa pavamiwe kikweli kweli sio masihala yaani hapa tulipofikia inafaa kabisa kuungana na majambazi ,ni bora ieleweke wazi polisi waachiwe washirikiane na mafisadi na wananchi washirikiane na majambazi halafu tuone ,kwa kweli ni bora majambazi wanaweza kuchagua katika kufanya kazi yao kuliko hawa polisi wa kuzuia fujo ,inakuwaje raia alie huru anaogopa kwenda hospitali ,bila ya shaka polisi watambambikia likesi la wizi wa madini,lakini sasa baada ya kugombana katika siasa watu watagombana katika rasilimali kwa ujinga wa wachache tu,ni tatizo kama hilo ndilo linalosababisha matatizo kule Nigeria ndio maana hata wazungu inawabidi wasaini kwa dau kubwa kabla ya kuamua kuelekea Nigeria naona umefika wakati kwa wawekezaji wakati wa kuuliwa japo kwa nshale

  31. Anonymous Anasema:

    Haya ni baadhi tu ya matokeo ya mikataba mibovu inayowabeba hawa hayawani.Hakuna sheria ya kuwabana hawa wageni?Mara utasikia wachina wamewapiga watu kung-fu Arusha na Kagera,na tena wale makaburu wa AFGEM waliwahi kumlima makofi afande mkubwa sana pale Arusha na ikaishia jamaa kurudishwa Afrika kusini
    Serekali ya JK imezoea 10% badala ya kufanya kazi zake za uzalishaji yenyewe.
    Sioni ni kwa nini Serekali ipigiwe kelele kila siku hata na watoto wadogo kuhusu uwekezaji kwenye madini na utalii lakini haitoi Pamba masikioni.Rasilimali zetu zinabakia kunufaisha watu wa nje na fedha za kigeni kuhamishwa kwenye sekta ya utalii lakini hakuna kiongozi anatoa pamba masikioni kwa ajili ya rushwa.Hii rushwa inayoliwa na viongozi mwisho wake lini?. JK na wenzako mtaifikisha wapi Tanzania iliyokuwa na kila aina ya utajiri

  32. Anonymous Anasema:

    Haya ni baadhi tu ya matokeo ya mikataba mibovu inayowabeba hawa hayawani.Hakuna sheria ya kuwabana hawa wageni?Mara utasikia wachina wamewapiga watu kung-fu Arusha na Kagera,na tena wale makaburu wa AFGEM waliwahi kumlima makofi afande mkubwa sana pale Arusha na ikaishia jamaa kurudishwa Afrika kusini
    Serekali ya JK imezoea 10% badala ya kufanya kazi zake za uzalishaji yenyewe.
    Sioni ni kwa nini Serekali ipigiwe kelele kila siku hata na watoto wadogo kuhusu uwekezaji kwenye madini na utalii lakini haitoi Pamba masikioni.Rasilimali zetu zinabakia kunufaisha watu wa nje na fedha za kigeni kuhamishwa kwenye sekta ya utalii lakini hakuna kiongozi anatoa pamba masikioni kwa ajili ya rushwa.Hii rushwa inayoliwa na viongozi mwisho wake lini?. JK na wenzako mtaifikisha wapi Tanzania iliyokuwa na kila aina ya utajiri

  33. Anonymous Anasema:

    vIONGOZI ETI WANAJIVUNIA waTz tunapenda sana wageni lakini athari zake baadae ni kubwa kama hatua hazitachuliwa mapema,Mh Lukuvu Mkuu wa Mkoa Dsm alitoa tamko wachunguzwe hawa wawekezaji wa Kariakoo(CHINESE) kama wanasifa thabiti za uwekezaji sijui kama hilo limetekelezwa na wahusika! na wale madada poa wa kichina na kihindi mikocheni ni uozo mtupu wa wawekezaji hao.
    Mi nahisi tusipowadhibiti ipo siku watatuchezea mpaka masharubu yetu

  34. Anonymous Anasema:

    Dawa ni kuwa na vitambulisho vya uraia kukomesha wakenya na wageni wote kuvamia nchi.Uhamiaji wae makini sana katika kutoa permit kwa wageni wanaokuja kufanya kazi

  35. Anonymous Anasema:

    But I am worried about the influx of PAKISTANIS..These are all drug dealers and look how they are controlling the car show rooms? Near shoppers plaza when I went to purchase a car, I heard the owner- a pakistani- speaking that here in tanzania NO PROBLEM..MONEY SPEAKS! and the way he was bragging..I am worried about our country THE SOUTH AFRICANS CAME AND LOOTED...THE CHINESE CAME AND ARE LOOTING..THE PAKISTANIS ARE HERE TO STAY AND WE WILL BE DRAINE DIN BLOOD..WAKE UP TANZNAIANS

  36. Anonymous Anasema:

    Whats mashaka says is very true. Kuna siku tutaamka na kuyakuta machafuko makubwa sana ndani ya nchi yetu. Hawa wageni, wasomalia, sijui mapakistani ni watu hatari kwa uslama wa hili taifa. Majengo makubwa ya kifahari kule mbezi na ununio ni ya maharamia wa kisomali. Serikali inaangalia lakini haina la kufanya. Subirini tu mtakiona cha moto

  37. Anonymous Anasema:

    Katika hili, mambo mengi twajitakia kutokana na njaa zetu. Uhamiaji, polisi. n.k. ukiwa na mgeni aka mwekezaji, ambaye kupitia kwake unapata mlo wako wa kila siku, bila kujali madhara au kwamba akishapata documents zinazomwezesha kuishi na kufanya kazi Bongo, atakunyanyasa na kukusimanga na hata kukutimua kama tayari alishakuajiri kwenye kampuni (duka la kuuza maua, vitambaa, vyombo vya udongo (ceramics), n.k.). Cha muhimu ni UZALENDO NA KUIPENDA nchi yetu, hao ni wageni tu hawatufikishi popote! Hata travel agency nyingi utakuta ni wahindi, unaweza kusema WATANZANIA WENYE ASILI YA KIASIA, likini je ni mtanzania gani asiyependa kuongea kiswahili?? Mmenielewa waungwana! CHUNGUZENI WAJOMBA, MTABHAINI!!!

  38. nguza-viking Anasema:

    Pamekuwapo na "uwekezaji" usio wa kawaida kutoka ndugu zetu wa Kisomali katika jiji la Dar es salaam kwa muda sasa. Sehemu za Mbezi kuna nyumba, zenye nakshi ambazo kimsingi ni za kiarabu, ambazo zimekuwa zinaota kama uyoga. Miradi kama Ununio development,TANSOMA na hata jengo moja refu hapo Mbezi ni za raia wa Kisomali

  39. Anonymous Anasema:

    Mashaka Mbona Wataliani walikwisha gundulika na wakaanza kuchoma moto hoteli zao baada ya deal zao za kusafisha pesa ya madawa ya kulevya kugundulika. Kinachosikitisha ni kwamba katika kuwakaribisha hawa wawekezaji feki kuna viongozi wenzetu wanahusika kwa kujua au kuto kujua

  40. Anonymous Anasema:

    wawekezaji wa Wachina wanauza hado Karanga,Ice Cream na bidhaa nyingine pale Kkoo tena wanatandika chini kama Chinga wetu. Unategemea Watz wenzetu wafanye nini, subirini tu nyie chama cha magamba

  41. Anonymous Anasema:

    Mashaka na Watanzania wengine - Kitu gani ambacho hakijulikani hapo?? Utumbo wote aliousema Mashaka unajulikana sio tu na viongozi bali na wananchi wengi. Mkubali Mkatae ni kwamba wageni are here to stay, whether you like or not, Wageni wana makosa gani?? Wao wamekuja kutafuta maisha kama ambavyo wabongo wengi walivyokwenda nje kuhangaika. Mashaka kweli ni haki wewe ufukuzwe Marekani kwasababu ni mgeni??. Ndugu zangu Watanzania tusimtafute mchawi. Mchawi wa Watanzania ni Watanzania wenyewe. Tatizo kubwa la sisi watanzania wengi ni hodari sana wa kuchambua, kulalama katika blogs, vijiweni, maofisini n,k maneno mengi mno - ACHENI UNAFIKI NA MANENO MANENO, SASA NI WAKATI WA VITENDO. Akipita kiongozi mnapiga makofi, umeme ukizimika mnanyamaza!!!
    Mashaka na wengine, kama kweli mna uchungu na hali hii, saidieni kutoa SOLUTIONS BADALA MANENO MENGI!!! Waambie Watanzania WASUSIE SHEREHE ZA MIAKA 50 YA UHURU,Kwasababu haina maana, waambie waandamane kususia mgawo wa umeme, ongezeko la mafuta, posho na mishahara ya Wabunge na WAACHE KUWASHANGILIA NA KUWAPIGIA MAKOFI VIONGOZI WANAPOWATEMBELEA KWASABABU WAO NI SEHEMU YA TATIZO NA WAMESHINDWA KUONDOA KERO ZA WANANCHI. Mashaka, wakati wa uchambuzi na maneno UMEKWISHA IT'S TIME FOR ACTION

  42. Anonymous Anasema:

    Kumbe mmejua hilo?Kuna watu wanamponda Hayati Mwalimu Nyerere kuwa eti ndiye ametufikisha kwenye ufidhuri huo wa Umaskini wakati Mwalimu alilinda kwa hali na mali raslimali ya nchi yetu isiporwe na mtu wa nje. Hebu kasome kwa Mjengwa blog.hawaoni hilo kwamba Mwalimu alitutunzia raslimali yote ya Taifa kwa manufaa ya kizazi hiki na kijacho, ambapo sasa hivi wametokea majambawazi yanauza urithi wetu bila woga na bila aibu.

    Asante Mashaka kwa dondoo zako.

  43. Anonymous Anasema:

    John Mashaka you are my hero, and tanzania needs many of you, atleast 10 to see true change. that was very well put. Mimi binafsi naona serikali imeshindwa kuendesha nchi. Hakuna uzalendo hata kidogo. Nadiriki kusema asilimia 99 ya viongozi wote sio wazalendo. Wakipata uongozi cha kwanza kukimbiza watoto wao nje, kununua majumba na viwanja na magari. Muda wa kuwaza mbele na kutafakari kuweka mipango kwa ajili ya nchi yetu hapo kesho na kesho kutwa hawana. Mimi sitajichoma moto kama yule kijana aliyejichoma moto Tunisia, nitahakikisha naua fis*** hata mmoja tu kabla sijafa.
    hawa mafisadi hawajui wananchi wana hasira gani nao. wanaiba kila kitu, subirini siku wanaamka wanakuta nchi inawaka moto, na mitoto yao iliyo ulaya itanyea dee siku hiyo. tumechoka nao. alafu mali zao zote tunachoma moto, na wachina wao tunawatimua ndio wajue ukweli wa mambo kwamba tumechoka nao

  44. Festo Nyoni Anasema:

    Mashaka, your are brilliant! you have many points which I wish many Tanzanian especially our Leaders could hear. I wish this article could be circulated widely in the news papers. Don't give up, change is coming soon, the country is now on the shaking stage and soon those who are destroying our beautiful country will fall. You have many supporters behind you,keep on informing us.
    Festo Nyoni
    Goma, DR Congo

  45. Anonymous Anasema:

    -mkuu wa libeneke.
    kaka nakusihi sana, tena sana. mimi ni mdau wa blog yetu ya jamii.
    Nakuomba sana hii artiko ya mashaka uipeleke daily news na hata kwenye majarida mengine ya kiingereza.
    wewe ni mpiganaji unajua maana ya matatizo yanayotukumba wananchi wa kawaida.
    huyu bwana anayoyazungumzia ni mazito sana yanayogusa kila rika.
    ningeweza kuandika na kuchambua maswala kama yeye, mashaka ningechangia
    lakini watu wana vipaji tofauti.
    masikini na tajiri kwa pamoja wote wanaguswa na haya makala, na anavyoelezea maswala anaelezea kwa ufasaha mkubwa sna,
    na itakuwa vyema ikiwa wanadiplomasia pamoja na viongozi wote waweze kuzisoma.
    ths article is very touchy na kwa mapenzi ya taifa letu, tafadhali upeleke hii articke daily news
    fredy (masomoni Denmark)

  46. Jay M Anasema:

    Muheshimiwa Mashaka vizuri kuonyesha uzalendo lakini hapa unaimbia kwaya tu. Kwani hakuna hata moja ulilolisema litafatiliwa na watawala wabadhirifu wabongo ambao kazi yao kubwa ni kunyenyekea wageni na kutembeza bakuli la omba omba ya ki-matonya.

    Kuna kazi kubwa kwani sisi wabongo si wabunifu wa lolote la kututoa kwenye umasikini ambao ndio hawa wageni kutoka mataifa yenye fedha wanatunyanyasa. Kwani watawala wanaogopa kunyimwa pesa za bakuli.

  47. Anonymous Anasema:

    Comrade Mashaka you article touches our heart. Gamba Tue 02, 58:00PM. Huko unakosema weusi wanabaguliwa ile mbaya kazi wanazofanya ni za hali ya chini. Kama suala la kuwakatalia kuchukua uridhi wetu ni ubaguzi wacha iwe hivyo. Tanzania haitakuwa nchi ya kwanza kuwa na ubaguzi. Mbona huyo mwasheria alikataliwa kuingia kwenye hotel ya waitaliano. Tatizo ni kuona rangi nyeupe na kuitetemekea, viongozi wametokea koo poor sasa akiona anaongea na mzungu au mwarabu anaona ameuchinja. Uingereza ukiwa wewe una masters kazi yako inaweza ni kutunza vizee vya kizungu, kama vikiwa vinaharisha wewe ndio unawasafisha. Jamani hakuna hata mwanajeshi mmoja atukusanye tufanye kazi ya kusafisha uongozi mbovu. Matatizo ya kuuza ardhi yameanza utawala awamu ya pili, awamu ya tatu ndio ukazidisha na sasa huu wa nne. Hao wote lazima wafilisiwe. Sasa kila kiongozi anayekwenda nje ni kutangaza waje wachukue ardhi. Hakuna kinachoniuma kama suala la ardhi. Eti mkenya, mnyarwanda watokao bara la asia ndio usiseme SAA YA UKOMBOZI NI SASA

  48. Anonymous Anasema:

    Mashaka, you must be proud with the climate of xenophobia you have just created in this blog. You of all people should know better. This pandering against foreigners isn't really helping anyone. Please try to be more thoughtful with your analysis next time!

    Silent Observer

  49. Anonymous Anasema: