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Swahili fashion week logo unveiled, the event is the biggest in the region

The Exective Secretaryof  National Art Ghonche  Materego explainig to the Press about  Swahili Fashion Week during the Press Conference of the  Launch of Swahili Fashion week at Southern Sun   29th-9-2011

Founder of Swahili Fashion Week Mustafa Hassanali  Speaking to the Press about what will concern on Swahili Fashion Week during the Press Conference of the  Launch of Swahili Fashion week at Southern Sun 29th-Sep-2011
Executive Secretary of The National Arts Council  Ghonche Materego unveiling  the new logo of Swahili Fashion Week 2011,during the press conference of the  Launch of Swahili Fashion week at Southern Sun 29th-9-2011

Founder of Swahili Fashion Week Hassanali  desribing the new  Logo to the Press and the Exective Secretaryof  National Art Ghonche  Materego on the  Press Conference of the  Launch of Swahili Fashion week  29th-9-2011
Mr  Ghonche  Materego with the Founder of Swahili Fashion Week Mustafa Hassanali providing gifts from the designers,to the journalist Amina Athmani during the  Press Conference of the  Launch of Swahili Fashion week.

Founder of Swahili Fashion Week Mustafa Hassanali,with  Exective Secretary of BASATA, Ghonche Materego, and Some of the Sponsors of Swahili Fashion Week at Southern Sun 29th-9-2011

Swahili Fashion Week, East and Central Africa largest fashion event, now in its Fourth year, will be held at The National Museum  on the 10th, 11th and 12th November 2011 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Swahili Fashion Week 2011 will collectively bring together 50 fashion and accessories designers from Swahili speaking countries and beyond to showcase their creativity and forecast future fashion trends for the region.

“This year we have grown tremendously as we have 20 established Tanzanian designers, 10 up and coming designers and the rest from outside Tanzania, all in all 50 designer showcases aimed at celebrating 50 years of our Independence” stated the founder of the Fashion week Mustafa Hassanali.

In addition to the Fashion Show presentations, Swahili Fashion Week Shopping Festival which was incorporated in year 2010 will once again be the main feature and up to date more than 30 exhibitors have already confirmed participation thus making it the largest shopping festival in the country.

“Opening Swahili Fashion Week to a new audience, and keeping to the tradition of being first, this year we shall unveil the first ever Fashion Awards in East and Central Africa celebrating achievements made by the fashion industry. Another First will be a T-shirt design competition aimed at engaging the young and their creativity as part of expanding our fashion family”, added Hassanali

Various events have been planned towards the build up of the fashion week, and to commence with, Swahili Fashion Week pre event Show will be held in Arusha, The Headquarters of the East African Community on 8 October as part of an outreach programme of taking the work of Tanzania Designers more regionally.

Swahili Fashion Week 2011 will be broadcasted live via the World Wide Web via the website, giving the global fashion media an insight to the world of Fashion in Eastern Africa. The live webcast will also give opportunity to Tanzanians living in the Diasporas to be part of the celebration of 50 years of Tanzanian independence celebration.

“With our Ambitious plan to promote the Business of Fashion in the region, I would like to thank all our Partners, some of whom have supported us from the past previous Years to-date  and would like to Urge Various Organisation and Companies to come forward to support Our initiative by sponsoring this years Swahili fashion week “ Concluded Mustafa

Swahili fashion week 2011 has been sponsored by the home of Swahili Fashion Week - Southern Sun, EATV, East Africa Radio, Precision Air, BASATA (Baraza La Sanaa Tanzania), Amarula, Ultimate Security, REDD’S original, Image Masters, Global Outdoor Ltd, Vayle Springs Ltd, Eventlites, Nipashe, Perfect Machinery Ltd, Michuzi blog, PKF Tanzania and 361 Degrees.