The most read Kiswahili  Blog on earth is now free to browse, compliments of UhuruOne. Michuzi Media Group has partnered with UhuruOne to give Dar es Salaam 100% Free access to the famous Michuzi Blog by creating Wi-Fi hotspots across Dar es Salaam that will give residents free access to MichuziBlog Wifi.

With the largest metro wifi mesh in East Africa located in different parts of the City (parts of CBD, Kariakoo, Magomeni, Sinza, Masaki, Mbezi, Chang’ombe, CBE, IFM, Ustawi, Upanga, Mwenge, parts of Pugu Rd etc) UhuruOne is telling residents of Dar es Salaam to switch on their wifi devices and connect to MichuziBlog Wifi and catchup with the daily events at no cost to them.

Michuzi Blog owner, Mr Muhidin Issa Michuzi said "It is truly a revolution when Tanzanians are taking steps towards providing access to information to its citizens at affordable rates.   I believe this will increase knowledge transfer to our people and it is my dream that MichuziBlog will be free to access to all Tanzanians nationally in the near future."

At his office Mr. Rajabu Katunda, UhuruOne CEO,  stated that UhuruOne is focused on providing services to the community and “we realize that access to local content should be delivered to our citizens in the most affordable manner at all times. 

“It is unfair that most of our local websites and blogs are accessed primarily by those outside our country more than those sitting within our borders, if I can enjoy surfing and reading the MichuziBlog then it is our responsibility as a company to ensure as many fellow Tanzanians living in Tanzania also enjoy this service.

“We have to get into a culture of promoting each local initiatives and this is what builds strong economies not just trade and exchange of currencies”, says Katunda. 

Both Mr. Michuzi and Katunda echoed that this is only the start and that they hope the idea of affordable access and innovation will be embraced and supported  by others.  Mr. Michuzi stated " we must lead by example and not by words, we have taken the first step towards a dream others need to join the revolution and support such initiatives.

He added, " Switch on your Wi-fi  IPAD, Tablet, Smartphone or Laptop, Search for MichuziBlog Wifi, Connect, open your browser and  go to free-of-charge. "
If you cannot see the MichuziBlog Wifi connection please contact UhuruOne, or call +255779477477 to get connected.

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