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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, East African, Regional and International Cooperation of the United Republic of Tanzania has noticed, with serious concern and disapproval, a grossly distorted report in the Kenyan Standard newspaper, purporting that H.E. President John Pombe Magufuli has banned the wearing of miniskirts in Tanzania.
Unfortunately, the false report, appearing in the daily newspaper's 'MondayBlues' gossip page on 18th January 2016, was taken for factual and circulated widely by other outlets and the social media in Kenya and beyond.The ministry deplores the casual manner in which the Standard handled the hearsay report and the reckless, totally unwarranted attribution of the imaginary 'ban' to the Tanzania Head of State.
While it appreciates the enthusiastic, positive reviews of H.E. President Magufuli's performance in the Kenyan and international media, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs takes strong exception at irresponsible distortions and misreporting, such as the one on miniskirts.
There is no doubt that H.E. President Magufuli and his government are strong proponents of decent dressing, but the ministry wishes to put the record straight that the President has not issued any ban on miniskirts for any reason.
The ministry understands that as a mainstream newspaper, the Standard is obliged to observe the highest standards of journalism, central of which is respect for facts and accurate reporting.
The ministry trusts that the distortion in question was inadvertent, not a malicious attempt to undermine the new administration in Tanzania, and that the Standard will show good faith by at least retracting the wrong information fed to its readers.
Issued by:
Government Communication Unit,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, East African, Regional and International Cooperation.

Dar es salaam, January 20, 2016

Kuna Maoni 7 mpaka sasa.

  1. Anonymous Anasema:

    Banning mini skirts not a bad idea after all. Tusiue nzi kwa bunduki

  2. Anonymous Anasema:

    C'mon Tanzania, the denunciation is just too long for such a stupid Standard story: it's not commensurate to the foolishness of the newspaper. There are so many allegations about Tanzania and they are receiving zero responses!

    Nonetheless, welcome to the Kenya/Tanzania rivalry and at times cheap enviousness. Magufuli is such a big story and a new breed of African leadership that the Kenyans would like to see emerge amongst them such that they will stop at nothing to pull his reputation down. But that did not pass!

    And that's life. I would advise Tanzanians to throw the rear view mirror and just focus forward at what matters most: making a difference for their country, people and Africa.

    From Uganda with love. Long live Magifuli

  3. Anonymous Anasema:

    Well said annony no 2. Asante Magufuli. songa mbele tu mengine ni upuuzi. hawa jamaa waliwataka akina Lowassa wale naye. Pole sana

  4. Anonymous Anasema:

    This response dignifies The Standard and its obviously intentional,primitive,malicious and fabricated story.

  5. Anonymous Anasema:

    Asante kwa hiyo taarifa. Waandishi uchwara wasiofuata maadili ya uandishi katika zama hizi hawana nafasi katika tasnia ya habari.

    Wanakosa cha kufanya na kuandika wanaishia kukimbilia kwenye miniskirt.

    Shame on them!

  6. Anonymous Anasema:

    I also heard on WNYC (one of the radio stations here in Newyork) a Kenyan fellow was being interviewed about our President, he said nguvu ya soda,I just laughed... and remembered the Swahili mkosaji! You can't make these things up!

  7. Cindy Bavo Anasema:

    I think that this shows that the new administration has a very good communication department that scans for issues to avoid it from escalating to a crisis. As a communication practitioner, I can appreciate the government's concern.