Diplomatic Protocol 

Date: 10th September 2016 

1.0 Introduction 

The Economic Diplomacy ñTraining Academy and Economic Diplomacy Consultants Bureau specifically, is registered firm and run independently. The bureau was established with the aim of coordinating the use of expertise and other resources to contribute effectively to the industrial and Socio-economic development of Tanzania. Emphasis is placed on providing complete, comprehensive and integrated consultancy services and Diplomatic Training. 

Through our Diplomatic MasterClass training Courses, Diplomatic Training short courses and Executive tailor-made Diplomatic training Programmes as well as outreach programs, the Academy promotes interest in and understanding of the indispensability of diplomacy to the most challenging problems facing our foreign and national security interests, committed to be the best knowledge partner our clients can find for their quality diplomatic training need for mutually sustainable social economic development. 

The Economic Diplomacy ñTraining Academy offers professional expertise and a deep wealth of knowledge about International Relations and Economic Diplomacy. Building upon over a decade of experience delivering focused, relevant, competence needs-based training, our expertise is used to create in-house customized and executive training programmes that support our clients. In every training program, facilitation is always led by our team of senior academicians and Ambassadors, career Diplomats and experts to create competence -based effective, scalable, and engaging learning solutions. 

DIPLOMATIC LECTURE SERIES are monthly lecture series, mainly focused on ECONOMIC DIPLOMACY, and facilitating speakers are AMBASSADORS and CAREER DIPLOMATS. It is in this ground that, the Economic Diplomacy ñTraining Academy is announcing Septemberís lecture on the Diplomatic Protocol, Which will be delivered by Ambassador Charles Asilia Sanga. 

1.1 Justification and Rationale of the Diplomatic Protocol lecture 

To manage Protocol related duties and functions, there needs fundamental art, skills, knowledge and 
experience that will helps stakeholders/practitioners to handle their businesses with promising results, through the use of intelligent, tactful, constructive strategies. This Diplomatic Protocol lecture seeks to build capacity and develop analytical tools, skills and experience to all those engaged in various types of Protocol related activities. 

1.2 Targeted participants 

This Diplomatic lecture is designed for career Diplomats, officials from the government, Ministries officials, Districts officials, Personal Assistants, Administrators and Managers, Directors, Executives and CEOís, all employers and employees from private and public sectors in general, as well as all those who wish to develop career and build their capacity in this discipline 

1.3 Lecture module 

The lecture will also reflects on Stress Management for Protocol practitioners, Visits and Ceremonies, Orders and arrangements, Table manners, treating and handling VIP and , role and Quality of good 
protocol officer 


Duration: One (1) day (full time, from 9.00hr ñ 16.00hrs) 

Delivery: Lectures, discussions and case studies 

Assessment: Non-examinable 

Award: Certificate of attendance 

Fees: Tsh. 100,000/= only, which also covers Breakfast and lunch, 


Venue: The National Museum ñ Shaaban Robert Street - DAR ES SALAAM (Opposite IFM). 


Coordinators: Directorate of Training and Operation 


0713 667 303, 0763 65 75 87, 0779 900 440, 

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