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By our Online Reporter

TANZANIA is expected to receive an increase of 1,632,000 international tourists by 2025 following a new operator agreement signed between Travelport, a travel commerce platform, with TP Services Limited in Tanzania.

The tourism boom will lead to generating expenditure of 5,702.7b an increase of 5.8 per cent per annum. The agreement among others is set to see the local partner exclusively use Travelport technology in the country to support the country’s travel and tourism industry drive through leveraging travel commerce platform that would be redefining travel commerce.

“We are confident that TP Services will strengthen and invigorate our business partnerships in Tanzania as they herald a new era of Travelport operations in Tanzania.” Said President and Managing Director of Europe, Middle East, Africa and South Asia Travelport.

The agreement signed recently will see Tanzania’s travel agencies benefit from the complete package of Travelport’s leading technology and solutions, reaping from innovative point of sale, travelport Smartpoint. The award-winning desktop technology allows travel local agents to search, sell and book itineraries more effectively, significantly improves efficiency of their work and provides agents with increased opportunities for upselling.

TP Service Country Manager Sarfarazali Chagani said that the operator agreement marks a new chapter for the travel industry in Tanzania, with the new leadership team officially introduced to the country’s travel industry leaders at a business gala held in the earlier the month.

With travel and tourism forecast to support almost 12 per cent of employment in Tanzania by 20251, the event also allowed the attending delegates to learn about Travelport’s newly appointed operator’s strategy in supporting the growth of their travel agency business partners in Tanzania’s through Travelport’s industry defining technology.

TP services laid out plans to heighten travel agent experience and satisfaction of Travelport’s technology by offering enhanced service support and tailored product recommendations for local travel agencies.

TP Services will distribute Travelport’s unrivalled content including fares from approximately 400 airlines globally, branded fares and ancillaries as well as over 650,000 unique hotels properties worldwide fully bookable in Travelport’s travel commerce platform. “Travelport has all the right tools, as well as unrivalled leading content to support the development of Tanzania’s travel industry and deliver cutting edge solutions to local travel agencies to grow their businesses,” noted Mr Chagani.

Travelport is redefining travel commerce, investing over $830 million since 2012 in new technology with a clear focus on redefining travel commerce and TP Services is here to champion it amongst Tanzanian travellers. With this in mind, TP Service Limited Tanzania is very much looking forward to the new opportunities ahead of Travelport and for the entire travel industry in Tanzania

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  1. Anonymous Anasema:

    Travelport may help some big organisers of travel but not the small companies.