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tells Parliamentarians to take “bull by the horns” in redressing inequalities

East African Legislative Assembly, Dhaka, Bangladesh: 3rd April 2017: EALA Speaker, Rt Hon Daniel Fred Kidega is calling on global Parliamentarians to pay more attention in ensuring promotion of economic stimulus programmes that address social challenges and support local value chains in a bid to narrow the widening poverty gaps and redress inequalities. 

At the same time, Rt Hon Kidega says Parliaments should appropriate more resources in the States’ budgets to check on rising inequalities and hold Executive accountable on the same. 

The Speaker was addressing the 136th Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly (IPU) taking place in Dhaka, Bangladesh.    The annual event which is themed: Redressing inequalities: Delivering on dignity and well-being for all” brings together over 50 Speakers and 1400 legislators from the globe.

In his remarks, Rt Hon Kidega maintained that despite the emergence of BRIC countries and other economies as well as attempts to generate wealth, much more was needed to reduce the inequality and to raise the standards of living.

He said the East African Community region had similarly been gravely affected by inequalities. “The State of East Africa Report 2016 depicts not all citizens have seen or felt the benefits of increasing national GDP figures at the individual/family front. If anything, life continues to be harsher and harder. The economic boom has not generated the jobs as was expected, while levels of poverty and malnutrition remain high”, the Speaker said, while remaining optimistic the trend could be reversed.

The Speaker cited issues contributing to inequality as disparity in income levels throughout the world, uncertain political environments, the gender norms and stereotypes and the imbalance of economic power.

In many countries, Rt Hon Kidega said, fruits of economic development increasingly failed to reach those who deserve the same – instead benefitting companies, financial services and vested interests. He said the rate of unemployment in the globe was similarly high.

“Statistics in East Africa reveals that 7 out of the 10 persons you see walking in the streets are jobless, while another 6 out of 10 live in informal settlements. Yet, the largest population, the youth, constitute about 8 out of 10 persons and their age range is below 30 years”, Such is replicable in many parts of the globe”, he noted.
 Speaker of the Senate of Kenya, Rt Hon Ekwe Ethuro addresses the Assembly where he called for urgent international action to save millions of people from famine and drought 
 The EALA Speaker, Rt Hon Daniel F. Kidega consults with Hon Dora Byamukama at the 136th Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly in Dhaka, Bangladesh 
  Rt Hon Daniel F. Kidega, Speaker of EALA addresses the IPU Assembly. 
 A section of the delegates in attendance at the global Parliamentarians meet.