The 2nd Sneakers and Heels Event by the Economic Society of Tanzania (EST) with support from the Ireland Embassy, took place On 28th November, 2020 at the Hyatt in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The exposition aimed to stimulate interest and discussions among women in productive sectors such as researchers, economists, bankers, world development experts and journalists on effective means of integrating today's women into various industries.

 The event was themed around women and the economy with a special attention to women in transport (sneakers) and women in top level management (heels). Over 150 participants attended the day-long exposition that featured presentations from high flying leaders from the public and private sector.

 Speaking at the event, former Bank of Tanzania Governor and President of Economic Society of Tanzania, Prof Benno Ndulu said that, “ Investing in transport and logistics, especially by women in the country will mitigate the existing challenges regarding the agriculture market and trade by providing a domestic profitable logistics market.” He added that, “The coming in of the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" brings with it a set of opportunities and technological advancements such as those adopted by big transport and logistics companies in other parts of the world.”

 “As the Tanzanian innovation ecosystem keeps developing, there is a huge imperative to empower women so as to ensure they are equipped with the right skills set and are ready to embrace the opportunity but also the challenges of Artificial Intelligence and technological disruptions. We call upon multiple stakeholders to design projects and programs that factor in women and their technological empowerment,” Said Joseph Marinakiza, Country Director, Human Development Innovation Fund

 Speaking after the event, Zuhura Muro, CEO, Lindam said that, “I hope that this event will increase the readiness of mid-career women as they go up the ladder and will also catalyse more women to aim for top-tier positions, where they can participate in high level decision making fully.” Dr Blandina Kilama, CEO, Economic Society of Tanzania added that, “It is important to unpack the reasons behind the underrepresentation of women at the top-level management and map out solutions to solve the gap. Sneakers and Heels hopes to motivate more mid-level career women to keep utilising their skillset in a way that will position them within a pipeline that can springboard them to higher positions when the opportunity arises

Vice President of the Economic Society of Tanzania (EST) Dr. Tausi Mbaga Kida opening the exposition in Dar es salaam on November 28, 2020


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